i write programs in the php language for a bunch of reasons. everything that i write is either now or will be licensed under the gnu gpl license to give me and others the maximum amount of freedom with everything i build. without freedom, there is nothing.
  • rawhide.php - an object-oriented php script which you can use to grab your rc5 stats from distributed.net and display them locally. it looks at a bland text-only page on their server so it doesn't have to parse the dressed-up html versions of stats. you can display all kinds of stats info including total keys/blocks, keys/blocks for a particular date, etc.
  • shelper.php - a single function which you can use to spell check large strings or messages, such as before they are posted to a web-based message forum, sent as an e-mail, or whatever. it uses the unix program "ispell" as the dictionary provider so you have to have ispell installed on your web server to use it.
  • valkyrie - a fully functional webmail program. valkyrie is a web interface to e-mail like hotmail. it requires an imap e-mail server which does not have to be install on the same server, and mysql installed on the web server. currently i am having some issues with getting valkyrie so that it will read all mail formats so i have taken it offline. i don't want anyone downloading crap that doesn't work from me.
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